Please continue to check this page as we are currently organizing speakers for the 2018 National Conference on School Discipline. If you would like more information on becoming a speaker at this conference or any of our other conferences please email us at pd@accutrain.com.


Rosalind Wiseman - Educator, Parent Expert & Social Activist

Dr. Michael Gurian - Marriage and Family Counselor and New York Times Bestselling Author

Boys & Girls Learn Differently: Why Gender-Based Instruction Works

Dr. Christopher Emdin - Professor of Science Education & Author

Larry Thompson - Supportive Discipline Innovator & Creator of "Responsibility-Centered Discipline"

Dr. Michael Gurian - Marriage and Family Counselor and New York Times Bestselling Author

Robert Jackson - National Speaker and Author

Building Cultural Awareness & Effective Communication with Staff and Students
There is Power in being an Educator. During this interactive keynote address, educators will learn how to activate that power to inspire all students to be success stories. Educators will be challenged to self-evaluate their day to day routine. Strategies will be given to build positive relationships and cultural awareness with students and staff. Who are you as an educator? We must understand our roles to positively impact our students. There are several factors that affect our view of our children that will be mapped out during this keynote also. We must recharge our batteries and renew our minds daily so our students receive our best. Educators will leave this keynote recharged and empowered to do their jobs more efficiently.


Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.Ed. - Child & Adult Psychiatrist; Learning Differences Expert

The American Edge: The Mind of the Entrepreneur

Dr. Yong Zhao - Expert on Globalization & Education

Merlyna Valentine - Transformational Leadership Principal, National Speaker & Consultant

From Impossible to Possible...Every Child, Every Day

Dr. Peter DeWitt - Best-Selling Author

Brian Mendler - International Speaker, Author, Expert on Working with Disruptive Students