Merlyna Valentine

Transformational Leadership Principal, National Speaker & Consultant


From Impossible to Possible...Every Child, Every Day

valentine Merlyna Mathieu Valentine is a national speaker, consultant, trainer, and owner of Merlyna Valentine Consulting, LLC. As a well-respected educator for over thirty years, Ms. Valentine served as a teacher, principal, and executive director in a highly successful school district. Her transformational leadership as a school principal resulted in her school being recognized as a “Top Gains” school. She has been recognized with numerous awards and commendations such as teacher of the year, principal of the year, University of New Orleans Alumnus of the Year, and the NABSE Ida B. Wells Risk Taker Award to name a few.

Ms. Valentine was chosen as a "Quiet Hero" by a local news station and was featured in a special segment. She was also chosen as a "True Saint" by the Sean Payton Show. Ms. Valentine has been featured in several articles in the Times Picayune and Ebony Magazine. Dr. Harry K. Wong showcased her school and leadership in an article on his website. In honor of her story of survival, courage, and hope, Ms. Valentine’s story was featured on the Today Show.

Against overwhelming odds, Ms. Valentine overcame a medical tragedy and thrives in her new life. She has learned some valuable lessons since 2007, when her life as she knew it was forever changed and she experienced the closest call to death imaginable. Instead of focusing on what happened and what’s missing from her new life as a quad amputee, she chooses to embrace this new path with a positive attitude. She accepts no excuses and models this in her daily life. She is living proof that ordinary people do extraordinary things every day. Ms. Valentine has transformed adversity into success and disabilities into possibilities. Her passion for education and living life to the fullest captivates audiences and inspires them to be the difference in the lives of students.